The clock is ticking.

A moment of calm....before the storm of crates arrive.


Gone but not forgotten.

One last look at This Is War!



(the gallery workshop)

The time between exhibitions is truly a magical time. You're sad to see the shows coming down but at the same time you can't wait to see the gallery transform itself once more. You get out from in front of your computer (at last!) and roll up your sleeves, walk through the spaces waving hello's and catching up on old times with the installation crew. You can be as loud as you want (in a gallery!) or just sit a spell soaking in the crazy twilight zone that is turnaround. You see the space as a blank canvas and at the same time you remember bits of every show you've ever seen there. You brace yourself for what's ahead!

That said we're all sad to see Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and This is War! come down but we're also gearing up for the installations of Peter Coffin in the Curve and Le Corbusier in the main gallery.

(Mr Wizard-style light bulbs leftover from the Lozano-Hemmer projectors)

It's my most favourite time to be in the gallery. I'm always stressed to the core but it's the very best kind of stress, wanting to savour every moment knowing it only happens every three months. The magic continues as the gallery is cleared to make way for the majority of works coming in this weekend. We can't wait, but we can....


Decisions decisions.

With the opening of the show now less than one month away, you can feel (and hear!) the buzzzzzz around Team Corb as we keep on keepin' on towards the finish line.

There are still so many loose ends to tie up before the majority of the works arrive from The Crypt (which closed this past Sunday). Images, graphics, captions, floor plans, gallery guides, insurance, per diems, v.i.p.'s, events....you name it we're on it. With tired eyes but smiling hearts. Le Corbusier — The Art of Architecture is comin' at us like *Jaws*........ready or not.

And for all of you out there just jonesin' for 19 February, you can visit our microsite which officially went live today. We hope you'll love it as much as we do. Mad props to Chris and Rachel, we couldn't have done it without you.


Royal visit.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) are one of the collaborators for Le Corbusier - The Art of Architecture. I've heard so much about RIBA and talked to a few people there, so I jumped at the opportunity to visit their headquarters, described as an 'Art Deco landmark', in Portland Place by Regent Park.

Corinna and I ascended the dreamy staircase to meet with Robert Elwood in the RIBA library to select photographs for inclusion in the 'British Modernism' section of the exhibition. It was a dream-come-true to sift through hundreds of photographs of the Barbican over the years. It's such a magical place. You'll have to come and see the exhibition to see which photographs we selected.

The etched glass, wood carvings, rich history and original quirks all make my heart skip-a-beat. I will definitely be back for more! The bookshop is also not to be missed. Corinna picked up THE Paffard Keatinge-Clay monograph, you can see her below triumphantly holding the bag (!). You will definitely be hearing more about Paffard from us, as we are big fans in every way.

(Meet your bloggers: Corinna, left, and Jess)


Architecture and Happiness according to Le Corbusier

‘Nevertheless there is ARCHITECTURE. An admirable thing, the most beautiful. The product of happy peoples and what happy peoples produce.
Happy cities have architecture.
Architecture is in the telephone and in the Parthenon. How comfortable it might be in our homes. Our houses make streets and streets make cities and cities, they're individuals who take on a soul, who feel, suffer, and admire. How well architecture might be in the streets and in the whole city!

Le Corbusier, Towards an Architecture (1923)


Getting Closer

Six weeks to the opening and there is still much to do. Recollections of our visit to Ronchamp seem very distant now. It's all about the design of the show, the layout of the works, the graphics and how the visitor is to experience the all the amazing drawings, models, photographs, paintings that are to be shown in Le Corbusier – The Art of Architecture.
It is a real challenge to exhibit Le Corbusier's works and ideas in a gallery space that is architecturally demanding - and there is a lot of concrete already. We will have to wait and see!