(the gallery workshop)

The time between exhibitions is truly a magical time. You're sad to see the shows coming down but at the same time you can't wait to see the gallery transform itself once more. You get out from in front of your computer (at last!) and roll up your sleeves, walk through the spaces waving hello's and catching up on old times with the installation crew. You can be as loud as you want (in a gallery!) or just sit a spell soaking in the crazy twilight zone that is turnaround. You see the space as a blank canvas and at the same time you remember bits of every show you've ever seen there. You brace yourself for what's ahead!

That said we're all sad to see Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and This is War! come down but we're also gearing up for the installations of Peter Coffin in the Curve and Le Corbusier in the main gallery.

(Mr Wizard-style light bulbs leftover from the Lozano-Hemmer projectors)

It's my most favourite time to be in the gallery. I'm always stressed to the core but it's the very best kind of stress, wanting to savour every moment knowing it only happens every three months. The magic continues as the gallery is cleared to make way for the majority of works coming in this weekend. We can't wait, but we can....

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