Embassy Row.

The Swiss Federation have generously lent one of Le Corbusier's tapestries, Presence II. As the tapestry has been installed in the Swiss Ambassador's residence here in London, it was a real treat for me to oversee the packing and transport of the work to the Barbican.

As soon as I arrived in Montagu Place I was surrounded by embassies left and right. Even now as I type this Pavement's 'Embassy Row' is poppin' back into my head! The Swiss Embassy welcomed me with open arms and I was led to the residence where the tapestry hangs in the living room/salon.

The Ambassador has not one but three(!) LC2 sofas in the softest, most buttery mustard yellow. If I lived here I would spend my evenings loungin' on these sofas and lustin' over all the amazing arts and graphics books in the collection.

The tapestry really dominates the room and there is no doubt it will be missed. We are so happy to have it at the Barbican for the next three months. I am tempted to show you a photo of the tapestry once it is installed I'm gonna restrain so you can come and see it for yourself!

With the tapestry taking a leave of absence, perhaps now the Ambassador's staircase will receive some much-deserved ooohs and ahhs.

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